Nature conservation
for Düsseldorf and the district of Mettmann

School classes and kindergartens

Nowadays, children and young people are increasingly losing touch with nature. That’s why the excursions and workshops focus on direct encounters with the great outdoors, in which key knowledge about natural and ecological systems is imparted by incorporating hands-on exercises, playful elements and sensory experiences. Young people are also offered the opportunity to carry out practical work in the Urdenbacher Kämpe.

A detailed description of the activities on offer including prices (in German) can be found here:

Important information:

The main topics listed with the activities are suggestions that can be individually adapted to the students’ level of knowledge and the topics covered in class.

The individual topics may not be suitable for all seasons or age groups.

Registration: Registration is only possible using the Biological Station’s [extern]online registration form. Please register well in advance. Within 14 days, the Biological Station team will contact you to arrange the date and details of the event.

Clothing: The events take place outdoors. Please make sure that the children wear suitable clothes for the weather (rainwear, sunscreen). Clothing should be robust and also be able to get dirty.

Cost: Please refer to the descriptions of the individual activities for pricing information. For school classes and kindergartens from Düsseldorf, a grant from the city’s environmental office means that a limited number of events can be offered free of charge (no more than two groups per institution and year).

Name badges: Each child should wear a name badge so that they can be addressed directly. Their name written on a strip of masking tape stuck on their clothes is sufficient.

Location: Most events take place in the environs of Haus Bürgel or in the Baumberger Aue.

Meals: Children should bring food and drink for a morning break.

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