Former Roman fort
on the Lower Germanic Limes

Roman Museum

The museum at Haus Bürgel, a former Roman fort, opened in 2003, with a permanent exhibition showing a variety of excavation finds from Roman times. These exhibits not only shed light on the history of this special place, but also help visitors to understand the Roman approach to occupation, daily life, and military affairs in the province.

Explore the eventful history of Haus Bürgel on your own during [intern]opening hours or book an individual [intern]guided tour of the museum.

Permanent exhibition

In the 1990s, archaeological excavations brought to light a wealth of late antique finds, which are waiting to be discovered in the [intern]exhibition rooms in the manor house and in the southwest corner of Haus Bürgel. The ensemble of ewelry, combs, pottery, tools, weapons, coins and much more create a distinct and lively picture of everyday life in the former fort.

Archaeological outdoor path

The [intern]archaeological outdoor path has extended around the eastern and southern walls of the courtyard complex since 2006, its paving highlighting the position of several towers, a gate and the former fort bath. A working kitchen garden also displays vegetables and herbs from many eras, and is a lovely spot for visitors to relax and enjoy a picnic.


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Museum operator and interest association

The Roman Museum is run by the non-profit company “Haus Bürgel Betriebs gGmbH.”
Management: Anna-Lena Weber, Thomas Härtel

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In addition, a registered non-profit association offers conceptual and financial support for the use and maintenance of this architectural and archaeological monument.

Förderverein Haus Bürgel e.V.

Chairman: Lucas Risse

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IBAN: DE10 3005 0110 0087 0035 05

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