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Children’s birthdays

At Haus Bürgel, your children will get in touch with nature! The Biological Station offers a wide range of kids’ birthday parties with a natural focus.

General conditions


Approx. 2.5 hrs.


€ 125.00 – € 220, plus material costs (if applicable)

Number of participants

Maximum 12 children

Accompanying parents

Presence of 1 or 2 adult supervisors required throughout the event

Food and drinks

Groups can consume their own cake or drinks in the orchard, either before or after the activity program. Please make sure not to leave any trash behind, take it with  you and dispose of it yourself.


Weatherproof clothing suitable for the terrain.


All events take place outside and are thus dependent on the weather.

Please only register using the Biological Station’s [extern]registration form.
There is a comments section for any questions or remarks.

Into the Hedge

Age: Either 6–8 years or 8–12 years
Price: € 150.00

Living fences, green roads and lavishly set tables in the outdoors – what does all this have to do with hedgerows as a habitat? We encounter hedges almost every day along paths and roads, in housing estates and gardens, along meadows and fields. That’s why we want to take a closer look at the exciting habitat of hedgerows, and discover the breathtaking diversity in this small space!

Apple juice pressing

Age: 6–12 years
Price: € 220.00

We head out to an orchard together and shake an apple tree. If desired, we are also happy to teach the children about the orchard habitat in a manner appropriate to their age. The children then gather the apples before washing, crushing and pressing them in a hand press. They can taste the juice right away. Children should bring a bicycle helmet for when they shake the tree.

A bug’s life

Age: 6–12 years
Price: € 150.00

We go hunting for the most successful group of animals on our planet. What can be found crawling on the forest floor, under the wood, in meadows and in the bushes? Insects make up 60 percent of all animal species and are found everywhere. Some have fascinating tricks to camouflage themselves and ward off enemies. To start, we’ve got some action-packed games to practice sneaking up and trapping techniques. Once the insects have been caught, we introduce them briefly. Finally, we stage a little insect race and then release all of the animals we captured.

GPS rally

Age: 8–12 years
Price: € 160.00

Technology meets nature: with GPS devices in our hands, we go on an exciting scavenger hunt through the Urdenbacher Kämpe nature reserve. Decipher the clues and follow them to the finish! On the way we’ll get to know the nature reserve in a playful way. A surprise awaits us at the finish line: a treasure chest, filled with gummy bears for each child. We can even provide an organic or vegan variety, at an extra cost of € 2.50 per child.

How to make a campfire

Age: 9–14 years
Price: €  200.00

Start a fire with just a match or fire striker: how do I build my fire so that it burns with only one match? How does a bow drill work? What is the advantage of a hunter’s fire, star fire or pagoda fire? What do you use a tinder fungus for and what are the rules to follow when making a fire? Once our campfire is burning, we can settle down and make popcorn or twist bread together over the flames.

Naturalists discover small forest dwellers

Age: Either 6–8 years or 8–12 years
Price: € 150.00

We take a look under stones and leaves, with plenty of surprises in store as we discover what lives there. Our own handmade research tools allow us to observe these small inhabitants of the forest even better, as we explore the forest further with games.

Nothing but nature games

Age: Either 6–8 years, 8–12 years or 12–14 years
Price: € 150.00

Look forward to a birthday party with nothing but nature games. We go on a discovery tour of nature with all our senses, playing fun nature games outdoors, where we can let off steam to our heart’s content.

Treasure hunt with compass

Age: 7–12 years
Price: € 175.00

With a compass and map in hand, we go in search of the treasure of the Rhine pirates. The children practice using their compass at the beginning. Before they reach the treasure, they have a number of tasks to complete – such as crossing the web of the giant spider Bürgelar and shooting down the next clue, and finding a number of secret clues. The treasure chest contains gummy bears for each child, which we can also supply as an organic or vegan variety at an extra charge of € 2.50 per child.

Calling all treasure hunters – let’s find the secret Auwald treasure

Age: 4–6 years
Price: € 175.00

Equipped with a treasure map, we go in search of the secret treasure of the alluvial forest. Our quest will reveal treasures of nature, and challenge us to overcome obstacles and solve tasks and riddles to find the treasure. The treasure chest contains gummy bears for each child, which we can also supply as an organic or vegan variety at an extra charge of € 2.50 per child.

Searching for tracks

Age: Either 5–7 years or 8–12 years
Price: € 160.00

Many have left their tracks in the Kämpe, from the tiny beetle to the mighty Rhine. Together we go in search of the tracks they’ve left behind. There are plenty of them – from small ones beside the path, where you have to look closely, to huge clues in the landscape, which are hard to miss. There are so many exciting things to discover!

Pond safari

Age: 8–12 years
Price: € 125.00

Who’s that quacking and hopping in the pond at Haus Bürgel? Come with us on an exciting pond-themed expedition, and make acquaintance with some of the polypods you may not have seen before. With exciting information about animals and plants, we all get to know the pond’s residents better.

Let’s build an insect hotel with lots of rooms

Age: Either 8–12 years or 12–14 years
Price: € 125.00 plus material costs

No doubt many insects, like wild bees, will be delighted if we build them insect hotels. After all, this provides them with new nesting and breeding opportunities, while many of their habitats are now restricted as a result of intensive agriculture. Whether you put your hotel in your garden or on your balcony, the peace-loving wild bees can soon feel really at home.

The location of this event is flexible. You can also request that it take place in the garden of the child celebrating their birthday.

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