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All products are available at the Biological Station Haus Bürgel during the opening hours. The proceeds are used exclusively for non-profit conservation purposes.

Bürgel fruit brandies

The “spiritual” way to enjoy orchards

The Urdenbacher Kämpe is home to a large number of old fruit trees. Unlike in the past, the production of "Birnenkraut" (a sweet spread made of pears) and canned fruit has become uneconomical here, and the production of fresh fruit is very costly in terms of harvesting. In order to put the fruit to good use and at the same time ensure the preservation of the trees, the pears and apples are distilled and bottled at a distillery in the southern Rhineland. The proceeds from the fruit brandies go to the replanting and pruning of fruit trees. Buying a bottle of Bürgel pear or apple brandy is not only a way to enjoy a unique fruit product, but also make an active contribution to preserving the region’s orchards.

  • Bürgel pear brandy, 0.5l, € 19.50
  • Bürgel Kaiser Wilhelm brandy (unmixed), 0.5l, € 17.50
  • Bürgel apple brandy, 0.5l, € 14.50

Blossom honey from the Urdenbacher Kämpe

A 250g jar costs € 3.00, and a 500g jar € 6.00.


Die Vogelwelt von Düsseldorf und Umgebung
ISBN 978-936616-87-3
€ 25,00

Bunne, Stielmus, Schözeneere
Herkunft und Geschichte der Nutzpflanzen im Rheinland
Mercator-Verlag, Duisburg 2010,
ISBN 978-3-87463-467-0
€ 9,80

Lokale und regionale Obstsorten im Rheinland – vom Aussterben bedroht
Ein Handbuch mit 45 Sortensteckbriefen (2010)
€ 5

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